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Austin Community Steelband

Austin Community Steelband’s exposes the Austin community to the joyous Steelpan musical instrument, with special emphasis on teaching low income, disadvantaged youth who lack positive developmental opportunities to become proficient performers, empowering and motivating them to achieve. By stressing excellence we promote steelpan’s cultural origins from Trinidad and provide diverse community performances that demonstrate steelpan’s unlimited musical possibilities, inviting audiences to share the magic.


“Thank you for letting me join steelband. It is a wonderful place. I love to play the pan and learning new songs adn the nice notes. My teammates we all together make beautiful notes together. I am working ot get to the top.”
Analysa, 4th grade

Few programs offer this unique, engaging opportunity for fostering latent musical talent in kids, especially for those of us that cannot afford to pay for private, quality musical instruction. Steelpan allowed my daughter to express herself musically in a way that no other instrument has done in such a short time. As a parent, I enthusiastically support Austin Community Steelband.
Mrs. Nancy Tolbert

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