French-to-Music, PP3-PP4 (at Magellan)



Open to students at The Magellan International School. Held at Magellan Chimney Corners campus.

Bienvenue to French-to-Music!!

We are a fabulous physical and mental fitness class whereby kiddos absorb and retain French language concepts completely passively! You know how you recall certain ad jingles from ages ago?? Voilà, how French-to-Music works, in a nutshell!

Singing, skipping, dancing, deep breathing, being [still], running, puppeteering, storytelling, playing [guessing and memory] games… along with a language concept based jingle here and there (Total Physical Response + ad jingle methods) and suddenly… we are reciting French at the dinner table. As an added value, we provide parents access to embarrassing but free homemade sing-along videos that the kiddos can share with the family (which will help reinforce the concepts)!

One song at a time,
In no time you will see,
New concepts sticking in your heads,
How fun and easy a new language can be!
With our puppet friends, guessing games,
Hokey-pokeying too,
The mysterious “sac magique,”
Some running about…
It’s how we do what we do!

(Total Physical Response method)


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Please reach out anytime. We are always grateful for ideas, suggestions and feedback.

Phone: 512-553-9183  

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