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Saturday classes, open only to students at The Magellan International School, and held at the Magellan Anderson Ln. campus.

A hands-on, immersive experience for children to explore diverse cultures and musics from around the world. Children will learn about cultural traditions, play instruments, sing songs, and practice dances representative of different geographic regions, such as India, Ghana, Cuba, Peru, and Indonesia. Our fun and engaging 14-week session culminates with a live community performance by the children.

All proceeds that Artly World Nonprofit receives from paid registrations are used to provide free programs to children from underserved communities in Austin.

Our Culture & Music Programs are specially tailored for ages 5 to 10 to develop critical life skills in intercultural understanding, communication, relationship building, and leadership. They are designed by professional ethnomusicologists who have spent decades traveling extensively and researching music and cultural practices around the world. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your children’s potential to succeed in a highly competitive global world.

No prior music experience is necessary, and all instruments and materials will be provided by Artly World Nonprofit.

Session 1: Saturdays, Sep. 1 - Oct. 20
Session 2: Saturdays, Oct. 27 - Dec. 15

Artly World Nonprofit contact information 
Phone: 512-298-3432

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