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Joshua's Stage


An Exceptional Experience for Exceptional Kids in Kinder to 5th Grade. 4 weeks in June.

Stay cool with a blast of creativity this summer! Participants will demonstrate their creativity, build their self-confidence, and enhance their social skills through activities including theatre arts, improv, arts and crafts, music, dance, photography, and Create-A-Story. Every Friday we’ll conduct our Showcase where participants perform in an original play, present their photography exhibits, and more. Our caring and qualified staff and instructors are trained in The Creative Outlet Method™, and have completed a background check.

Our summer camp goal is for your child to experience a warm and welcoming environment where their unique abilities are celebrated. Our ratio is one instructor for every 3 participants, and we will also have volunteers. Your child will receive positive behavior supports from our team to encourage a successful summer camp experience.

Kids can attend all 4 weeks of camp, or 1 week at a time! See all options here on the Joshua's Stage website.

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Joshua's Stage Contact Information:

Joshua Levy, Executive Director
Phone: 512-825-2744

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