Summer at Sankalpa: Extended Day

Sankalpa Academy


Highlights: problem solving through math and logic activities, programming with Wonder Workshop robotics and hands-on natural science projects. We will rotate through two of these activities each morning to ensure plenty of time to explore deeply and follow individual paths of learning!

After a break for lunch and nature time from noon to 1:00 pm, we'll explore and get our hands dirty in our on-site garden. We'll create a variety of art media like polymer clay and acrylic and watercolor paints as we explore cultures and techniques. Independent projects, improvisation play and creative writing round out our arts program. We will rotate through two of these activities each afternoon to ensure there is enough time for depth and discovery.

After care from 3 to 5 is reserved for downtime and child agency. Children will lead this time deciding whether to further pursue a project, play games, engage in a physical activity or have some quiet time with a book or an educational video.

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