Game of Village Summer Camp

Game of Village Austin


Join us for 3 weeks of fun this summer!

Village is real life on a small scale, providing young people the opportunity to practice a wide range of real life skills within the context of a game. Village is about playing, designing, building, crafting and problem-solving. It's also about collaboration, entrepreneurship, networking, personal finances and politics. Most importantly, Village is about FUN!  Imagination rules and anything is possible...

We will build, craft, and create for three glorious weeks and, when all is said and done, we will have an amazing village and carnival built in 1/24 scale!

Why do we play Game of Village?

Experiential Learning

Young people learn best by doing, and Village provides rich opportunities for all kinds of experiential learning, including applied academics, the responsibilities of holding down a job, participating in government, using tools, collaborating on group projects and more.​

Social Emotional Learning

Village is a very dynamic, busy place, and, as with any dynamic community, issues arise. With the thoughtful support of Village Commissioners, Villagers practice non-violent communication skills to work out their problems with each other.


Village is run by the Villagers! Villagers start their own businesses, manage the bank, trading post, post office and other Village sponsored jobs, they collaborate to resolve conflicts and come up with creative solutions to community issues.​

All Villagers participate in daily town hall meetings, nominate, elect and monitor their own government. Whether they are listening quietly, participating as citizens, or serving their community through holding a public office, ALL Villagers gain first hand understanding of democracy, and the of many kinds of people who choose to sit on the government!

Applied Academics
Village makes use everyday math skills to design and build their Peeps homes, to balance their checkbooks, run their businesses,  Language Arts to write their Peeps biographies, edit the Village Newspaper, or write a proposal for a town center building, and  History comes alive as we re-create our own scale model village and engage in a play based exploration of other cultures.

Village is FULL of crafting, designing, and "making" of all sorts! And we use a wide range of assorted hand tools - crafting and building tools! Creativity and exploration keep the natural love of learning ALIVE!




Cost Includes
$900 for 3 weeks of camp, plus a $100 supplies fee
We offer a 5% sibling discount. Please email us at to request the discount before registering.

The total payment is due at the time of registration. 

Dates and Time
Game of Village Summer Camp will run June 10 - 28, Monday through Friday, 9 am –  3:00 pm. Early Arrival begins at 8:30 am. There is no after care available at this time. Punctual pick up is critical.

Village Summer Camp Location: This years summer camp will be held at the beautiful Lark Center, 1400 Tillery Austin, Texas 78721

The Mini-Fair Closing Carnival!

Village closes with a Miniature Carnival, The Mini-Fair on Thursday, June 27 from 1-3pm.

This is a BIG DEAL and we want EVERYONE to come and participate! The miniature village and carnival which the kids will have built will be set up in its entirety and will certainly be amazing! Please MARK YOUR CALENDARS  and do everything that you can to join us – bring friends!


Upcoming Sessions

June 10, 2019-June 27, 2019 | 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. | M - Tu - W - Th - F

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