Soccer for Beginners (at Gantry Academy)

Sports Movement


Sports Movement is a multi-sport enterprise based out of the Austin area. We teach Cricket and Soccer to kinder, elementary and middle school kids. Our Soccer programs are fun-based and engaging, where you will interact with other kids and learn the sport in an enjoyable way. 

All participants will receive a free T-shirt and a Certificate of Achievement at the end of the 5-day camp.

Join other kids and learn to play this wonderful game. Our coaches will work with you to teach you the basics of kicking, shooting, passing and goalkeeping. 

The camp is held at the Gantry Academy in Round Rock and is open to all kids in the age range of 5-7.

All equipment will be provided by us, so just come dressed in sports attire, and bring plenty of water. We will ensure you have a great time learning the Sport.

Contact us at to know more.

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