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Joshua's Stage Summer Camp 1-Week Sessions are designed for children with a wide range of special needs to engage in a meaningful experience through fine arts and other fun activities in a warm and welcoming environment. Summer camp experience for each child will include theatre arts and improv, dance, digital photography, and more! Children enrolled at Joshua’s Stage will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore fine arts classes specifically designed for children with special needs
  • Demonstrate creativity
  • Develop self-confidence in the classroom and during performances
  • Maintain high self-esteem
  • Form long-lasting relationships with children with similar needs and caring, qualified teachers
During a session or workshop your child will:
  • Engage in awesome theatre arts activities such as performing in his/her own play
  • Learn to dance and perform in a variety of genres
  • Experience digital photography and display his/her photographs in an exhibit
  • Produce, direct, and act in his/her own films
Children without special needs can participate in the program. For example, siblings who do not have special needs are invited to participate in the classes. Children without special needs benefit from the program by learning, having fun, and serving as a peer model all at the same time.

Important Camp Details

Each session is 1-week long and takes place Monday-Friday during the week.

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