Welcome to Kwaddle

We're a mission-driven organization determined to help parents find the absolute best enrichment experiences for their kids and their needs. We create technology, community, and opportunity to drive this mission forward.


  • Parents use our free website to browse and discover thousands of camps and classes in one convenient place. Filter down to the exact time, location, interest area, and age range that you need.
  • After school and summer program providers use our easy registration platform so they can stay focused on running impactful programs with real outcomes for kids.
  • After School Coordinators take advantage of our platform for ease of program discovery, streamlined registration and accounting, and safety procedures to ensure all children are accounted for at all times while on campus.


  • Our partners and collaborators include schools, non-profits, for-profits, major employers, and small businesses or agencies who share our passion for making a positive change in our community. We work together to make a stronger impact.
  • We are connectors. Parents need to find enrichment providers, and providers need to find parents. Providers need space and resources to grow their small business. Non-profits need support. Teens and college students need internships. Kids of all ages need volunteer opportunities. The team at Kwaddle is at the center of it all, making connections and offering services to lift up others.


When you bring together our technology and our community, the opportunities are endless. Kwaddle offers high-impact opportunities for kids and parents.

  • Parents' Night Out - Enjoy an evening out with peace of mind, knowing your kids are engaged, safe, and happy. Kwaddle brings in its incredible enrichment providers to give kids an eventful evening while you enjoy yours. Activities include sports, kid-safe gaming, yoga, movies, and more.
  • Youth Entrepreneurship Program - All children can start and lead their own business! In one semester, kids get to work with real business leaders and entrepreneurs to start a real business. With our amazing partners, all kids learn how to lead their own business, how to code, and how to pitch. Watch out Amazon and Uber!
  • Teen and College Internships - Students 17 and older can apply for our summer internship program where they get to experience the same important projects as our full-time team members, working alongside award-winning founders and making a difference in the community. Fall and spring internships are available for college students. Introduce yourself and send a resume to hello@kwaddle.com to apply for an internship. Not sure if you qualify or if you want to work with us? Let's start a conversation and find out!


Past Camps & Activities

Summer Camp Concierge Service

4 - 17 yrs | Sessions June 1, 2019 - Aug. 30, 2019

Early Bird Special Going On Now! Save $20 off the usual price of $79.99 by reserving your spot before Dec. 3.

Let Kwaddle find the perfect camps for your child!

We’ve handpicked the best sports, outdoors, STEM, art, and overnight summer camps to choose from. Our Camp Specialists will ...

Youth Entrepreneurship Program

7 - 12 yrs | Sessions Jan. 7, 2019 - April 5, 2019

Through the Kwaddle Youth Entrepreneurship Program, all students get to start their own business, with their own ideas, working alongside real entrepreneurs to help them do it! From just a rough idea all the way to making their first dollar, the kids will do it all.

Along the way, kids will learn ...

Parents' Night Out

4 - 12 yrs | Sessions Nov. 2, 2018 - Nov. 9, 2018

When is the last time you went out on a Friday night?!

Enjoy an evening out with full peace of mind, knowing that your kids are engaged, safe, and happy. Kwaddle brings in its incredible enrichment providers to give kids an eventful evening while you enjoy yours. Activities include sports, kid-safe ...

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