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Where kids explore the world at large by creating a world in miniature.

The Game of Village was designed by Cornelia Islelin in the 1970s, where it has been run as a summer camp ever since. Its original purpose is fun, but it is also used as an educational and personal growth and development tool for young people.

Game of Village is a hands-on role-playing game designed to de-mystify the adult world. Each game is set in a specific time and place in history.

Through play, we design, build and bring to life, an historically accurate scale model village. We explore a range of building techniques, histories, social studies, governments, civics, cultures, applied math and more. Collaboration, cooperation and creative problem solving are all daily fare in Village.

Villagers open businesses, apply for jobs, attend college, participate in their local government and more. Each game is inherently unique and arises from the imaginations of the players themselves.

Villagers may play year after year, learning more about themselves and the world around them as they play.


Past Camps & Activities

Game of Village Summer Camp

8 - 14 yrs | Sessions June 10, 2019 - June 27, 2019

Join us for 3 weeks of fun this summer!

Village is real life on a small scale, providing young people the opportunity to practice a wide range of real life skills within the context of a game. Village is about playing, designing, building, crafting and problem-solving. It's also about ...

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